Thursday, 27 April 2017

What a mess to sort

I had a really bright idea I would sort out all my info on the King family as my family connections have grown so much in the last 6 months and so I decided I would put the info about each family and person in a book style that everybody can access..

It started as a fine idea but then when I started I found I have so much info and how to put it together and how to put it in a list so everybody else can find it.

My first thing was to set up a spreadsheet with the main stories and family group sheets then I started the individual books.. This then led me to going through my notes and recorded audios to clean them out and put them together. I have hours of recorded audio and now have to sit and listen to it.

Then I got thinking I have piles and piles of pictures and documents that I have scanned and I think I need to sort the albums next. How does everybody else deal with this I wonder I know I am in the middle of a bog of info but having a  ball inserting it.

Poland and Schwarzrock

I have since I started sorting the Kings decided to keep going on all my other families and got to thinking I need to back to pre arrival in Australia so the Schwarzrocks were my starting point  but how to do this. So off I went into Familysearch and thought how to write it up well.... I now have a database based only on a family line with over 100 people in it but still havent found my connection.

Wow there are so many Schwarzrocks in early Poland but not mine yet.. so where to go from here. I am thinking of trying to get Gottfrieds birth certificate which would be a huge achievement to see who his parents were.. 

Living Stories.. 

In writing all of these documents I realised that we really do need the stories to make up the missing bits.. to make a person come to life so we can see what sort of person they were, I recently did Agnes Jane King and she had the saddest life and ended up being found drowned in Hervey Bay. 

Her stories we have put together from newspapers, statements re her death, and what anybody can remember but did we capture the true story we will never know, although I suspect she may not have drowned but been murdered.. 

Well I am off to Prussia again... talk soon 

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