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History of Maryborough Boxing

Harry Steve had a boxing stadium in the old Naval Hall
Max Gornik had a boxing stadium in Kent St Maryborough, Pat Delaney
was the promoter for Max and was often busy signing up new names

In between having stadiums the main places for the fights were the Town Hall and the Bungalow theatre.

1921 - The main fight listed on the bill to be held at the Bungalow theater is Stan Goode (Marborough) will fight Billy Murphy (Bundaberg) This series was a fiver - 5 Friday nights in a row. (Full Article) 

1922 - Gilshenan defeats Neilsen..... Nearly 2000 spectators filled the Bungalow Stadium to witness the fight between Frank Gilshenan  ( Maryborough) and George Neilsen Wondai which was billed as the amateur welterweight championship of Queensland. This fight was six three-minute rounds and it was by no means a thrilling for all those who went along to watch... Article

1923 - Frank Johnson fought Billy Murphy (Bundaberg)  and Frank won on points at the Town Hall.

    Before a good house int e Town Hall last night "Curley" Hincks (Brisbane) 9.2 knocked out Harry Holmes (Maryborough) 9.4 in the 20th round  (

1927- Amateur Boxing and wrestling champion ships were held in Maryborough

1937 - Another capacity house at Max Gornik's stadium saw Dannie Ritchie (10.8) box a ten rounds draw with Morgan Tanner (10.6). In the second feature Snowy Regan (9.12) stopped Al Meredith (9.8) in the third round. Regan won his last six fighters here in brilliant style (M/boro Chronicle 21/8/1937)

1937- Another big night a Gorniks stadium saw Ron Sylvester lost to "Lofty" Stig. It was a huge fight and other interesting fighters for the night  included Snowy Regan, Otto Scheffler, "Kid" Cole, and Alf Wells.. Check the whole article here 

1937- Dan Ritchie versus Morgan Tanner (10.8) the boxer from Pialba. The full article is here

1937- Boxing was forming into a major sport and the Maryborough Boxing Association was formed.. they celebrated by a fight night.. read about Conroy v Tanner

1938 - Tiger Thompson versed Flash Gordon.... it was a grueling fight but Tiger secured a meritorious decision over Flash, who was unable to continue after the seventh round owing to having injured his left hand in one of the hard punching duels with which the match was liberally sprinkled.
Other fights on the night were Jackie Burns and Otto Scheffler , with Jackie winning by knock out.
Ren Corie defeated Kev Lynch on points, Les Smith TKO'd G Burns in two rounds and M Anderson KO'd J Jackson in 2 rounds ( Full article here)



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