Sunday, 25 December 2016

A Happy New Year and a huge year ahead

Well the time has flown by so quick and after a lovely Christmas Day it is time to look forward and set some goals for 2017.

I realised the time is slipping by and as the remaining ancestors are all getting a year older it is quite urgent to make sure you get their stories written down. I have set myself a goal of one interview a week to ensure my list of stories grows and if anything goes wrong we have those memories recorded.

The next question is what am I looking for - me being me I think I will set my self a set of questions, then make a list of 52 people to talk to and hopefully they may fill in some of the gaps.. it is quite interesting an Aunt made a comment to Mum of "it would be awesome to have a family reunion but the problem is our family doesn't talk to each other so I don't think it would work."

This is a great indicator that we need to write those stories. The other goal I have set my self is to discover something old in the local area each month and write an article on is.. and I am starting this adventure tomorrow with a trip to Gayndah for 3 days. The oldest town in Queensland and believe it or not we are staying in the oldest pub in Queensland.. how exciting and I have already found the location of the Historical Museum and the Cemetery which is great as I will hopefully get a chance to visit them.

The other thing I am going to do is buy myself a new printer and put all my family histories together in print form this is going to be a major learning curve but then when I do interviews I can take that part of the family relevant to the person I am talking to.

On top of all this I am going to apply to do the course that the Society of Australian Genealogists offers which if I can get in and get through with good enough marks will give me a chance to do their Diploma course. I will still be majorly active in the Historical society as I have lots of things there to complete this year and we  have taken our Family History Research Software to a new level and have so much to do to make it partially complete..

All in all I think it is going to be a huge year and I am so excited to get started.. so to all have a Happy New Year and happy hunting....

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