Monday, 1 August 2016

Searching, sorting and sifting

Isn't it amazing how much information we gather whether its relevant or not, or we see a name and think OOOww I will screenshot that I think its one of mine. 

So I started a file a little while back and called it the "to sort" file.. and what a congealed pile of pictures, cut outs and articles. Some with no connection at all.. well not at this point anyway. 

The week has been a mix of just sifting and sorting files and then the mind wanders to where am I going to go next and who do I work on and oh me oh my .. I need to ring that rellie and make an appointment to meet up but I know that is going to create more paper and am I really ready for that. 

Some of the records I have added to and found bits for are: 

I started writing this blog post 3 days ago and I am still wading through the mountains of saved information in the to sort file. But I must admit I have found some very interesting little nuggets and am in hope that I can finish it this week and get back to researching for real. Unfortunately my computer is a little like a bearing in a car.. with a bit of pressure the whole thing will go kebang and explode with a million piles of ball bearings. 

One of the interesting titbits I found was one of my family names in the area is King.. now this family has sent me on many a twist and turn but I know there used to be a cafe in town that was called Kings Cafe and it was owned by the King family. 

Until now I have never looked closer at the owners or their connections as there are two branches of Kings in Maryborough and due to names there has been many an occasion that the people have been mixed up so I very carefully document all my bits to ensure I have the right family.. and you would never guess what but they did marry into the family so one of our King girls married one of their King boys ( not the cafe clan but their cousins) so we mixed the Kings up .. :) and so as related by marriage I have my connection to the cafe thus then I am compelled to side track and do some research on the cafe.. 

I will put it up here for reading next time.. until then happy digging.

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