Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Search is on

Whilst doing family group sheets the other day I found I am missing information on 2 brothers Thomas and Nathaniel King.. so off I went on a random google search session.. Anybody who does this knows that a random google search can lead to hours and hours of no productivity but a lot of useless information can arise.. 

First stop Trove..of course.. where else can you find the coolest stories that have nothing to do with your research.. and lo and behold up comes a very cool piece of info

Now I had only recently realised Thomas enlisted but didn't know Nat went too.. so with a bit more digging I got Thomas dedication from the AWM Virtual Wall.. 

So then I am reading and it is like what on earth is the Camel Field Ambulance...

Well what an education that was.. here are some excerpts I found on the internet.. 

In the early stages of the Sinai and Palestine campaigns, sand-carts and camels were used to evacuate men from the lines of battle.
However, each were found to be inefficient means of moving the wounded. The sand carts were adaptations of a design that had long been in use in upper Egypt and Sinai. They had two wheels with tyres that were wide enough to stop the cart digging into soft sand, and could carry two or three stretchers. 
However, in heavy sand it was that four horses were necessary to pull the cart, and that the cart had to be steered by a rider on one of the lead horses. In times of emergency, many more than three men had to be speedily evacuated, making the sand cart liable to become bogged or hard to steer.

Camels were also used. Two wounded were strapped into a horizontal platform suspended from either side of the camel's saddle, with their heads facing that of the camel. Early versions of these platforms were little better than boxes rigidly joined together which, in the words of the official historian of the Australian army medical services, were '...perhaps the most uncomfortable form of wounded transport ever devised.' 

For more information go to Lighthorse Information  its a fascinating read

But the search goes on to find Nathaniel and what happened all I know so far is he was injured somewhere in France but came home.. so the mystery goes on.. 

Till next time.. enjoy and if you have any hints on finding my lost boys please let me know :)

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