Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Merry Christmas.... well it felt like Christmas

So the day started like any other yesterday.. off the the Society rooms to update the computer systems and to catch up with everyone.. but I rocked up and was greeted with a " YOU HAVE A PARCEL" 

I am thinking a parcel who would drop something for me here then I noticed a bag of papers and the name Keith written on them... well my first thought was "Merry Christmas to me" Keith is a relation of mine who has been helping me research the King family and he is one of those amazing people who walk around with a library of information in his head and oh what stories he can tell..

So I start flicking through the paperwork quickly to get an overall idea on what he has dropped off for me.. 

Walter S King and family...
Walter S King came out from Ireland with his family and started the whole story in Australia. The family first settled in the Ipswich area and from there they have woven tales of mystery, intrigue, hardship, sadness, and amazing careers across the states of Australia and through the eras. 

When I first started doing the tree to put together for others I had very limited information and am still building the story although I do think I will make a whole encyclopedia set by the time I am finished and wonderful people like Keith keep introducing me to new members of the family both living and deceased...

So I now am going to spend the day for the 4th time going through his papers and I am going to attempt to do the history of at least one member of the family and bind my first printed version... so wish me luck, and if I don't glue and bind my self together too hard I will show you what the first one looks like tomorrow... Till next time... Happy hunting

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