Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Back on the trail of discovery.

So I decided yesterday to do some more research on the missing dates in my King tree so that I can fill in the gaps ready to put it all together and so I printed out 1 pages of missing information and started working through the webpages.... 

My system goes something like

Births, Deaths & Marriages 
Find My Past 
Then a Google search... 

It is amazing what a search can do I found the wives and husbands and births and deaths of a whole section of the family then went to move onto the next family and was looking for the birth and details of 

Clyde Leonard King.... 

I had a date of death for Clyde and it was 1944 in Yilgarn WA yet I have Willim John Irvine King  who alledgedly died in Yilgarn in 1934 which I got from Ancestry but have not been able to confirm.. so I will have to investigate that further.. I lived in Perth for a few years way before I started doing my tree and I was so close yet so far away from visiting these ancestors... Anyway back to the story.. 

Clyde Leonard King was 19 when he joined the Airforce and he was killed when he was 23 in one of the most interesting but sad circumstances... 

Now if that doesn't blow you away nothing will.. what an amazing find and an interesting story.. and to make it more interesting the photo below is where he has a memorial in Sydney and the type of plane he was flying.

Another fascinating chapter to the story.. cya :)

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