Thursday, 12 May 2016

Woohoo its Friday

Where to store.... 

The question I see everyday in Facebook groups is where do I store my info and how to share it.. well I must admit I am pretty chuffed at the moment I have done lots of research and found for me the perfect solution. 

I use Roots Magic as my main family history program and I store all my info on there and I now use a site called Genealone as my website which is awesome for a couple of reasons. 
* I can upload pics and info to it and I have shared it with family members 
* I now have somewhere when I am out where I can go and check my facts and see if I am missing a person or not. 
* It is a great way of sharing info and for others to see what they can contribute to the site.
* It is a private site so you need access to see whats in it as we have lots of personal information in there and photos that have come from peoples private collections.. 

Where to look ....

You know one of my pet peeves at the moment would have to be the time capsule when your too young to be on regular websites like birth deaths and marriages and too old to be in indexes that are newish.. so you get this whole generation of people that trying to find is like literally locating a needle in a haystack.. I wish somebody had a solution to this problem other than asking people that are alive.. and if your families are like mine they don't know anything as the generations never spoke and half the country doesn't know they have relatives.. 

What to do next.... 

I must admit my to do list is never ending and I know my tree is missing so much info but where to start.. so I am now printing out 5 pages at a time and working through the missing bits and when I have them then I move onto the next 5 pages.. why you ask.. when I do 8 generations and have all these names I get a little bored and wander too much and pick and choose who I am doing then I wander off to somebody else that isnt' really related.. 

I know yesterday I was doing some body that was my great great great grandfathers brothers daughters husbands family and outlaws.. had a ball found some names I didn't know and a few that rang bells from growing up in the area.. but hey thats family research isnt' it... 

So will I or will I not over the weekend focus on more missing facts or find something else to look for.. I know one of the most important things I have decided to do is make a list of living people and catch up with them to see what facts they have and what they can add to my tree.. so it means I may just have to go visiting and not achieve much.. 

So till next time.. Have a brilliant weekend.. 

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