Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Time Wasting

As the clouds gather outside my office window and I am sitting contemplating my next move.. time ticks on by..

I have been lucky enough to gather a couple of days off and so have decided ot use the time to the max and clean up some of the files and pics I have gathered recently both for my own research and for Family History but there is a slight problem.. Overwhelming OMGness.. I am looking around thinking I could start on this pile, and then I could start on that pile.. oooh but this pile has some interesting pictures in it.. and I really want to do more on my book but I need to do research to do that and then I just know I will get lost on a breadcrumb trail that will lead no where..  Do other researchers have the same dramas I do... or are they more organised than I am..

Time is our enemy in so many ways and I think a bout of time management for the next couple of days may be in order.. or I will end up chasing my tail and not get anything done... well I had better get back to it..

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