Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Hair Pulling Frustration

I have decided that Family Research is such a frustrating hobby to take up. I have been floundering with whether I have the right information or not  and I have recently added and deleted so many people because as a novice when I first started I went on Ancestry like so many. 

I believed what I read, and absorbed all the information I possibly could and what a mess I now have.. did William.. really go to West Australia and die there or did he not. Or did he actually get convicted and go to Goulburn goal and die in the Bathurst region the same year.. 

But I have had the absolute pleasure of extending of meeting so many extended family members who are so keen to see the family history in print.

In print what a hell of a task.. which I have found is another of my other problems.. do i do it in a book, have it published, leave it on a website.. what do I put in the book and what do I not. 

Then we come to the problem of how much do people want to know and what is important to them.. I love a good story, and a bit of mystery but do we need to air the dirty laundry.. 

Writing history... but I do believe that we are the writers of history and it is our job to at this time to put our stories, and facts on paper so that in 100 years time when our descendants are looking for our history it will be written. 

Funny how one persons perspective on history is different to anothers and all history prior is actually one persons perspective of events that occured, and most people write them with an agenda in mind... whether it is to make a good story to sell books and make money, to tell the truth, to reveal the torrid events of the time.. or like some of us we write in hope that our stories will survive and that the histories we write will become legends of the next generation.

Oh but on a brighter note I found an ancestor that had a pub... guess what I now have 2 yes 2 pubs in my history. 

If you have printed your family history or put it on paper I would love to know your thoughts.. till next time.. happy hair pulling. 

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