Thursday, 21 April 2016

Too much to do, not enough time

Isn't it amazing how we sit waiting for something to happen and all we can think about is wow.. I could be doing so much research while sitting here.. I was sitting waiting to go into surgery the other day and all I could think about is all the research I have to do and how the waiting room is the perfect place to look up all those missing dates.

Then the biggest challenge is the lost in time dates.. I have a system of looking first I do the Births deaths and marriages website, then Ancestry, then Find my past and then a google search.. but I keep coming up against the same thing all the early dates are great..  then you get that period when the person is too young to be revealed on the internet..

OMG.. and then I have found that I think I belong to one of the most forward thinking family history societies as i have recently had the joy of contacting two different societies/ organisations regarding doing some research for me and both times I have got told ... We are volunteers and it would either take too long for us to do or we don't do family history.. what is this ..... I have been so stunned..

I am so glad that our society is gathering our records to use for research. At least we get a request and have the ability to help others and over the next 12 months we will be able to provide a huge service.. but I go off track... so I am after information in Miriam Vale.. and now the only option I have is to travel to Agnes Waters Museum and see what I can find..

If I had the time then it would be great... So at the moment I think I will stick to what I can do on the internet and then may have to go on a trip...

/Oh and doing is the geneajig is definitely my thing lately.. as I was doing some new family that I had no idea existed.. and wow if I didn't find out that the mother - Isabell Graham is related to Hugh Graham from Marianna Station in the Wide bay.. it is so cool when you can connect a pioneer with your family..

So back to the King family for tonight.. enjoy

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