Thursday, 14 April 2016

Its a been awhile.

WOW.. I have so much to tell you.. I have been on a journey of discovery.. Where to start.. okay firstly I think I may have told you about meeting a distant relative of mine that wanted me to do the King family tree..

We got started on that and have been delving into the records to find the famly and I have found so many new names and people that its amazing.. then we went off to Hervey Bay on a trip of history and met another distant relly called Keith.. and what a goldmine of information that has been...

Keith is one of those blokes that sits and tells the most amazing stories in an arty kinda way and his voice is quite melodious when he talks yet formal.. and he revealed so many people and things that I knew nothing about..

I love seeing that Ancestry add now where it says I have a pub in my family.. well knock me over I have 2 that I have found unfortunately they are both many years gone now but it is so cool to think we had pubs in a family of Irish Cops..

One of them was the original Urangan Pub in Hervey Bay..

There are stories of murder mayhem, accidental shootings and many exciting journeys around the country side. The sad part of the family tree is there is one of Tom Kings brothers who died in West Australia in 1924 in the Kimberley's on Glenroy Station. He is buried there and had a missus and son.. so my huge thing is to find out what happened to them. 

Nathaniel died in a brawl with a guy called Bunchem up Gardener - who there is some fasscinating stories about him on the internet. 

I have been trying to get into do all the information sitting waiting to enter on the Wieckhorst family and the Collett line.. I need 4 of me to keep up with all the information coming in.. and then on top of it I am trying to put a book together on the Kings... aaaaagh..

OH NEARLY FORGOT.. I decided after using Roots Magic website I needed something a little more complex so have been in the process of updating my private website and have uploaded allmy family tree and photos, documents etc to a genealone site... and it is totttallly amazing to use. I still use Roots Magic on the computer and at the same time double the information up on the website.. 

And its awesome because it is private so I have to give you access to the site and it means all of the precious things I have been given by family members remains private and yet we can share and laugh about some of the stories on there.. 

Well better get back to it till next time... Happy Hunting...

If you know anybody that can help with some of my mysteries or have any information that may fill in the gaps.. please contact me.. :)

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