Sunday, 27 March 2016

Twists, turns and bumps

TOO MANY PROJECTS.. I have so many projects on the go at the moment but there is definitely one saving grace.. Roots Magic.

With so many sites to gather information from we tend to not check things properly and funnily enough today we have Thomas born in 1485 yet his mother died in 1480.. so he was born 5 years after his mother died.. and I did a double check on multiple pages on Ancestry.. yes I know its not the best for that kind of thing and every family tree on Ancestry has the same mistake.. ouch...

I will have to investigate that further.. then after a member of our family mentioning a wrong date on a death what I have is different from the headstone.. it brings up that painful discussion on what record is right..

I have had the unfortunate adventure of doing death records locally and found that I can get one name from the local govt records, another from State govt records and a different one again from the headstone.. so who do you believe...

If only our ancestors realised we would be plowing through these records hundreds of years later to try and piece together a story so we can write the history for the next generation they may have ensured better records worked for us..

WRITING HISTORY... my books on the King family are coming together nicely and this week I am going to catch up with Larry again to have another go at his records and memory.. the stories are so interesting as he lived in a time I missed out on and so I am learning so much about my family and who was who and the social statuses and casting out of family definitely has been an eye opener..

I have made a major decision in the book and put the rumours/myths and legends in too as there are way too many coming in to play that are bloody hilarious and so insanely out there that they could not be real.. but how would the tables be turned if I found out any of them are true....

Well back to the cave of mystery till later... enjoy :)

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