Monday, 23 November 2015

Lost in time

Wow how time  flies when your buried  in life it seems like years  since I wrote on here but it has been  but a few weeks.

Wondering where I have been well between giving my partner  a hand for 3 weeks in his  job which  involved traveling   to Western  Qld to a place called  Taroom,  writing off a car in a car accident, writing up cemetery   tour info and learning ans restructuring  our whole society   database   time has  slipped through my fingers

But we have had some amazing adventures  and  I know I tell my kids to live life   to the fullest so when your 40 you will have  stories  to tell.

Taroom ia an amazing  place and the history is interesting  there  is a huge  old tree in the main street  that apparently  was around when Leichardt was touring Queensland and leaving his mark. The tree originally  had Leichardts initials   engraved  into the trunk but somebody  decided  to cleanup the old bark on the tree and accidentally  removed  the initials. Yea I couldn't  help myself had to  look into the history  of the area.

Why your thinking   who cares....when you leave Eidsvold and travel the Cracow  rias your travelling through  some of the most unstable country  renowned  for earthquakes  and what on earth  would the  early pioneers have thought was  happening  whilst  sleeping  round  the camp fire and to be suddenly  woken by the ground  shaking madly beneath  them. I would believe first thoughts  may be cattle stampede.

Then as you get up toward Cracow there is a dirt  road that   will take you over to Taeoom and your travelling through dry country   with cattle really big cattle wandering  around and wild life   everywhere. At least you might not starve  but it would be so easy   to die from lack of water . I will admit as we were traveling over  what we call the badlands  my mind would wander back 100 years  and  try and imagine  what it was like for  our brave explorers.

So I hope we can share more  stories I  have to write a tale for our journal so I am off till next time happy   travels  

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