Monday, 5 October 2015

Well it was nearly a sinking ship

Well the long weekend has happened, daylight savings has started, all the footy finals are over.. .and then DISASTER STRUCK..


I have been having a great old time building the database, and adding headstone pics, stories, obituaries etc to the database thinking I still have heaps of room to expand.... then BOOM.. the whole thing became unstable. A little like the landslide at Inskip Point recently my whole world crumbled around my ears.. . so I went into disaster recovery mode.. compact, repair, shut and reopen.. and BOOM another chunk of land slid away..

So I slunk away to help my partner quote a job and then reapproached the computer in full stealth mode... opened the database and eventually it opened and i went to add a picture and DOUBLE BOOM.. the whole bloody island slid into the sea.. so off to watch a bit of Hercules on TV.. a big chunk of chocolate and coffee and in near tears admitted my problem to Wayne..

He told me to sit down and look at what we had talked about when I started building it.. that eventually I would need to split it up and resort it.. so I thought yep I can do this.. rolled a cigarette, got another coffee and started... I know your waiting for the total landslide thing but NOPE... success.. it will take me a couple of days to reset up all the dashboards but I DID IT... rebirthed the Big M for the 5th time and we are off and racing again... just in time for Bathurst .. :) :)

So I am back to remaking front pages.. enjoy your Monday ....what would I do without the calm actions of a man who doesn't use computers but can see what needs doing... :)

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