Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Time flies when your having success

You will remember my disaster of the other day with the database landsliding well we have found a way to stop it.. after much deliberating and lack of sleep I have found a solution.. and the week is progressing beautifully..

BIG M _ Maryborough Family History.

As I might have mentioned one of our amazing members was taking some time off due to family stuff and I had stepped in to try and help out as the acting Secretary.. well that was a bit of a disaster but we survived and nothing broke in the meantime.. she is back bit by bit and I am so happy to see her as it gives me more time to focus on the Big M .. :)

The Big M when we first started it was gonna be a little database where we could keep all the local records for anybody doing their family research and then it outgrew its pram and got bigger and bigger till now it is basically 12 databases all coming together in one place. Now I am no computer tech.. but OMG have I developed some amazing skills recently but it is such a passion I knew I could find a soloution just had to sit and take a deep breath. .. so it is back on track and flowing along nicely..


Because the Big M crashed my whole world I have been a bit slack here but am back into this too so have added some new details and I think my focus now is to make sure everybody has all their births, deaths and marriage dates in place and to fill in the gaps for a little while then we will see what is the next step.. maybe with Cathy's help we will work out how to publish it into hard copy.. mmmm


This project keeps amazing me as I find new relatives I didn't know existed or there are family members out there that grew up in Maryborough and I didn't know they were related.. so this will just keep growing.. When I first started doing my tree it was how far do I go. well I have decided to ensure the immediate family is as complete a story as can be and then I will keep adding as I go. I will eventually end up with a Wide Bay Family tree that will include everybody ever born here and we will have a local version of Ancestry.. right in our own back yard... oops better not say that out  loud somebody may take the idea away from us.. :)

And then finally to top my week off I am looking at starting an online business with some really cool gear in it.. not family history related but we will be selling online only.. I know I have enough on my plate but I have been tossing the idea about for ages then Wayne came up with a supplier and so it is off on another adventure.. so stay tuned for that development..

Till next time have fun and happy hunting

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