Thursday, 8 October 2015

Oh Whata Feeling

What a week I have had, don't know about you but this one has been a mind blower for me.. :)
I have survived landslides, earthquakes, tears, hysteria and tremors to come out the other end smiling at the end of the week..

To round up an amazing week I realised how cruel parents can be to their children.. some of the names you read totally make you sit and think wow what drugs were they on when that poor child was born.. but the winner of the family history cup today is....

GLYNDON CHAMPION (then Surname) 

I don't know about you but I will admit when I was pregnant I would say the unborns names that I had chosen in every way to see if they would get a cruel nickname or it would be shortened to something horrible.. I felt sorry for this guy.. it would be harder if he worked in the racing industry. 

Anyways ... before I get myself into trouble.. 
BIG M .. has survived another week and is now on the way to being the most amazingly comprehensive set of records stored in any one place on the Fraser Coast.. 

COLLETT PROJECT.. has had an nice input of names and extras.. details filled in and more of the Aussie history added.. we have the biggest country but the most amazing assortment of people in it that make up the fabric of this great place. 

WROE/SCHWARZROCK PROJECT.. Well I am still pounding through my Grandfathers side.. and discovering the stories and lives behind the Hunters... okay I am just plain out discovering who they are and where they fit in... it is like Christmas to me.. 

ONLINE STORE.. I have worked on my online store today and ordered some stock for it.. and signed up for the online auction sites.. I am quite nervous haven't done it for a long time hopefully won't take long to get back into the swing of it.. 

So thats my week in a round up.. 
Have a brilliant weekend.. might even catchya then.. :)

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