Sunday, 27 September 2015

Time slips through our fingers...

Wow it seems like forever since I have blogged.. there has been so much happening and so little time .. where does one start.

I have been on a major excavation of my files and computers and yes oh yes I have sorted and cleaned out my computer organised things to finish, things to do and things that I have no idea why on earth i kept them... it has been like Christmas when opening files to see what they hold.

BIG M.. the database for the Society has come along in leaps and bounds and I have finally finished 100 years of obituaries.. some of the most amazing stories have emerged but it has left me with one major question what will people remind me of.. you know there was the bloke that rode a motorbike along the Maryborough/Torbanlea Road at 108.4 mph, the bloke who used to build cannonballs and on one occasion nearly blew him and his cousins sky high.. there were so many interesting things people were remembered for.

Then I went to a funeral last week and it was amazing the things we learnt about that bloke.. what an amazing man he was yet the nicknames were totally OMG. The funeral made me realise though we never know how long we have and if you have relatives still alive you need to get their stories on paper asap.

So the obituaries and funerals have compelled a new course of direction.. yes I said it.. a new course.. Of course its never going to happen. ...

CEMETERY TOURS... OMG.. I have helped on on in the last week and done another as the tour guide.. that was a total laugh to behold..I have a little problem with our cemetery because everytime I go out there I can surely lose a whole section.. yep.. this time round Portion K would just dissapear from sight only to reappear after we have moved on.

I hate it when it happens and you just know its hiding in the corner but you just cant seem to find it.. then to top it off the one I did as the guide.. I lost a bloke as well.. you can laugh but I knew which row he was in and I knew it was a big headstone but he still hid from me.. I am so glad the people on the tour had a sense of humour and they enjoyed the wander round.. but hey we have 13,500 graves in the cemetery so I am allowed to lose a 1000 odd here and there..

So what do I have in store this weeek.. welllll I am going through all my emails I have left in the to do pile at the moment and I am Hoping to finish the cemetery photos by the end of the week... OH I NEARLY FORGOT.. when I started the Collett project with Cathy we worked out how to create a website (private ) one for the project and I finally got around to uploading the Wroe/Schwarzrock Project the other day.. that was pretty exciting as it is a massive tree and it is now up there for family to see and I don't have to take my laptop wherever I go.. a big step forward for family history a giant leap for Me.. ;)

So as the week unfolds we will keep in touch.. till then. Keep on keeping on..

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