Sunday, 13 September 2015

Monday mind blowing madness......

Well this week I am on a roll and have decided to do big clean ups.. Yes you can laugh it will happen.. so I started on a roll this morning and emptied extra files out of my computer.. it was so brutal.. and I made sure I had backups of anything I wanted to keep then after a little database work.. well huge actually cleaned up 3 smaller files on obituaries.. and yes there was the usual reading to find the sad stories the funny ones.. and the weird names.. 

I particularly felt sympathy for Fanny Hurt.. poor thing must have been a pain when giving her name to anybody.  We realised I am reading most of them as I go so I have found some amazing people buried in the Maryborough Cemetery and will be using them in the Cemetery Tours.. 

Particular names will always be bought up when speaking about a place and its history but there are so many amazing people that started life here and you never hear about them... everything from business men to farmers to politicans to lawyers and there there are the amazing women who backed their men or stepped out and made a name for themselves achieving so much. 

We have found a whole pile of disks that have pictures of headstones and extra burial stuff in them so I have been adding them to the database and I think when we are finished we will have the most comprehensive list of burials in the Wide Bay... it is mind blowing and so interesting but leaves you fried at the end of each session.


Well this week I am going to match up all the missing surnames to enable us to build a better I am spending so long digging round in records trying to find marriage records so the women in particular have surnames..

It will be a long week of lots of different websites and search engines.


I have decided to put all my own lineage into a book.. laugh hard.. it will be bigger than Ben Hur when its finished and its a great chance to combine eveything, and double check everything as I go.. I have decided to do it chapter by chapter and took me a whole morning to construct my parents and my siblings.. lol.... its going to definitely take me a while..

PLANTATIONS... I am pulling my hair out as I don't seem to have enough hours in a day and haven't done anything on the Plantations for a week and have so much to add to them so hopefully I will get a chance this week to do a bit more on them.. if you want to check out the Plantations then go to Planatation/Stations and Farms 

So till the next episode... hopefully I won' t be bald by then.. Have fun and happy researching

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