Thursday, 6 August 2015

Woweeeee where did the time go..

How time flies when your having fun... well the time has flown this week and as for getting organised.. I did get around to cleaning my desk.. I now have only 4 piles.. 
1. for the bin
2. Filing
3. Family History 
4. To deal with... 

So it ended up a paper shuffle after all that.. but it may enthuse me to deal with it a little further.. so the week was all over the place with time spent on my own family tree, the Collett Project, the Hansen project ( for one of our Society Members) and the Database for the Society. 

I did thoroughly enjoy the link on facebook over names the other day if you missed it  you can read it here.. Unusual Names in History 

One of the funniest things I find in family history is how you can be going along fine then all of a sudden nothing makes sense and it may take an hour or it may take a month then the whole lot comes together .. we had a moment in history recently when my co - project worker and I were discussing a woman who we thought might have been a relative but who worked out to not be.. just blew the whole circle out because this woman Jemima had a son who believe it or not was married to my Mums cousin so it worked out we are related I believe in a second way.. how many times can people be related through various routes...?????????

Australian history is such a fascinating subject and in my free time I like to read Australian books and found the most amazing book recently that gives you the best insight in to immigration into Australia and how it changed over the years and how that related to the economy and industry of Australia... if your looking for it it is called Kings In Grass Castles by Mary Durack. It is available through Google Books and quite a fascinating read.. 

Well its back to the grindstone before the day dissapears over the horizen.. Have a brilliant weekend.. I am on duty at the Maryborough Family History Society ( upstairs) if your looking for something to do Saturday afternoon.. if not till next time.. :)

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