Monday, 10 August 2015

Snake Bite, Windows and Back to front names....

While going through old files this morning I came upon a cure for snake bite which I thought was quite inventive..

And I took the plunge over the weekend and upgraded to Windows 10... I sat with fingers and everything else crossed after my little adventure into upgrading to Windows 8 to 8.1 which was a total disaster... BUT WAIT FOR IT.. I have done the upgrade and so far everything is working. 
The only downfall is there is no way of getting diggers indexes to work now so thank you for another computer that I havent' upgraded with... 

If you trying to use Diggers and it won't work on anything prior to Windows 10 then you will need this cool conversion program. DIGGERS CONVERTOR

And after a grand morning of converting and adding to the collections for the Society and spending half the time reading the articles.. I am still not finished that section but having a ball with the information I have found.. then I was off doing some more updates for the Collett project when I was having great drama finding a womans death and marriage.. and slap me stupid the woman was born Margaret Elsie and on her marriage and death certificates she has Elsie Margaret.. who would ave thunk it... 

So I currently only have a couple of missing ones that don't seem to exist or have the strangest habits with names.. but I will solve the mystery somehow.. so its back to the den of mystery till next time..

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