Sunday, 2 August 2015

Help I am drowning

I have had the longest week this week just digging around in records, trying to clean up files and creating new files for the Societies database.. and I feel like I am drowning in records.. so this week my focus is on cleaning up the last of the records, storing what I need and don't need and deleting the rest.. yes I said deleting.. 

How do you store your files and keep track of where your up to. There are so many alternatives and cloud servers out there that we can use and it is great but the other day I decided to empty a hard drive onto my laptop to start sorting records and wham bam thank you ma'am the computer was bogged down.. 

And then to top it off I had it sychronised with Google Drive and then had to wait until over 2500 files uploaded. So the hint I learnt last week is 

1. Upload everything you want to work from and archive to your cloud server. 
2. Set everything up in folders for easy reference. 
3. Download the folder you want to work on. 
4. When finished delete the local copy .. ( IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER) is to make sure the cloud server is disconnected ( or you will delete the cloud copy tooo)
5. When finished with a folder download another and repeat the same steps.. You can then see where your working from. 

Another great hint I learnt after much mucking around if your working on any form of project that requires you to import a spreadsheet that has dates set up in it the easiest form to do that is in .csv format. It keeps the dates as is and you can quite easily import into any project. 

Well this week I have set my self 3 goals
1. Clean up my desk
2. Finish the files on my laptop 
3. Sit in the sun find a good book and take time out.. 

Till next time happy hunting.. :)

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