Sunday, 12 July 2015

TOTALLY huge week.... lots of amazing things

I had the most amazing week last week.. firstly I have visitors and we worked on the Collett tree.. and we went off visiting folks, I met new people who are related to me distantly..

We spent the day out Dundathu way.. learning about life on a farm out there, I have never laughed and enjoyed a day like I did.. learning about farming in the early days, how the women survived and how many kids were raised in houses that had a roof but no internal ceilings..

Good apparently for laying in bed shooting the rats, makes for easy targets as they run across the rafters. We also collated so much information the tree burst from its pot and is now in the high first thousand of names..

Then I spent time with my partners family and we filled in his side of the family tree.. my own tree went from 4500 to nearly 19000 in one weekend.. definitely raised a sweat doing that.. NOT... thank you Roots Magic.

We were able to transfer the files across and merge them so there was not typing or headaches involved.  We then spent some time and I got to trawl through all Joan's digger files which was great as I filled in a whole pile of dates on the Collett tree..

Info sharing is so amazing when your trying to do your family history as it makes life easy, you gain a better understanding of the whole family and we can always learn something from somebody.. as you know I do family history locally and Joan and Marje are involved in Victoria and so it was cool to be able to compare notes and gives you ideas on where to head to next..

Saturday started as a bit of a computer circle and by the time the sun went down we had fixed computers, tablets, phones, shared trees, showed each other new tricks and I introduced Joan to Trove Newspapers and before we knew it it was time to cook dinner.

Today I am catching up on some indexing and cleaning up my poor overburdened desk.. but what a fantastic week I have had.. Oh I forgot the guided tours. we had a great time when I showed my first visitors around the Maryborough township and we went out to Walkers Point, Beaver Rock down through the pocket, around lower Ann St and then up to Eskdale House, and Baddow House.. with a couple of extras thrown in.. Then through Island Plantation out to Dundathu.. you forget how much you take an area for granted till you have to try and take somebody on a tour and make the past come to life. we have a brilliant history and town and lots of amazing things here.. so get out and enjoy the sunshine and take a drive..

Till next time..

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