Monday, 20 July 2015

Living the dream.

When faced with the challenge of how to fill in the day even though I know there is so much to catch up on I still have the fun task of picking what I want to do for the day. 

Today it has been a generally quiet indexing day with a bit of work on the Collett tree.. adding more people and updating records. 

I recently joined the South Australia Genealogical Society for access to the South Austr. records and this has been a huge help and spent the morning just trolling through the Collett name in the database, I think the best part is I need to pick a name a day and work through it. 

Then I moved onto the Big M for the society and filled in a dozen or more notations for the Apple tree creek cemetery, I must admit I am  a little excited as the Big M is finally taking shape and now its filling it up with records and then to give the Society their program developed, filled and continually growing... 

Then onto my tree for some research.. so today I decided to work on the Wroe side of the family and spent the time in the Queensland Births Deaths and Marriages filling in missing dates. I love fact with this database you can get a year then rework the search to the exact day that makes it so worthwhile. 

Then onto the Plantation and I did some work on Alford and Alpha..check it out Plantations Blog 

I have been perfecting the use of the Births deaths and marriages around the country and you never know where your going to be required to look these days.. there is a constant shift in my family tree from Queensland to every other state in Australia.. Ask the Lelands.. know I know how they felt. 

Till next time.. Happy Hunting

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