Sunday, 26 July 2015

Searching, digging and probing

Its a new week and a new adventure.. I have been busy losing hours and hours trawling the internet and using Google Search to no luck at all.. the people and places I am looking for just dont' exist.. so I went in search of how to use Google effectively. 

I attended a seminar and we spoke about this and so I needed to refresh my memory and came across this webpage: How to use Google Effectively there are some very cool ideas in there. 

While having a chat with a fellow family member the other evening we were talking about trying to find our ancestors further back than 1595... yeah right.. what an episode that turned out to be. We were sitting talking so I started google searching then gave up after a while so the next day started again.. this time using Family Search which returned some very interesting results. 

The biggest drawback is the digital records are viewable through The Genealogist and they want  £122 for the year.. aaargh they are all asking for money yet you may only want to use one or two pages on their sites.. 

Family History is definitely an expensive habit but so addictive. 

Well if your looking for something then definitely check out the site above and remember when searching to use terms that sound so stupid it is amazing what they return. 

Till next time... 

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