Thursday, 2 July 2015

Another week flies by...

Its been another long week of catchup where I have spent hours trying to input data for our Big M research centre and it was quite rewarding when I went down to the Society on Wednesday and gave them a peek on how it is coming together..

The ladies were excited and able to use it ( without too many glitches) which made me happy.. so I will continue sloggin along.

Collett tree. I spent Monday with Althea and Athol and we gathered heaps of information so now I am putting that into the tree and updating..

OOOHHH I did have one huge major breakthrough this week..

We found out that with Roots Magic you can set up a website for your tree and it can be totally private and this is amazing as we currently are located all round the world so having one place everybody can go and check out our updates is rather cool..

If your looking for something like that where you can put it all into one place and work from there then I definitely suggest publishing online with Roots Magic..

Our plantations blog is powering along with Marlene being a constant source of information she recently sent me a mountain of info for the Burrum area which has been an eye opener. If you want to check it out the go to


So back to the grind and hopefully next week I will be able to get into some more research.. one of our researchers and myself have been building a list of websites online to have links all in one spot so if your ever needing help check out


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