Thursday, 18 June 2015

Thank God its Friday

WOW... what a week.. I decided this week to work exclusively on the database for MDFHS... and I have been flat out with it spending endless hours typing, cutting and pasting. 

I am soooooo happy as it is actually coming to gether and I think will be a huge asset to the society when its finished.. 

I KNOW YOU ASK WHYYYYY.. well we will have every ounce of information in one place on every possible resident of the Maryborough and surrounding areas... we have school records, family collections, newspaper extracts, obituaries, references to books we have in the rooms, photos, shipping lists, rates extracts, house names and descriptions, info on properties they owned and everything else we can find that relates to local people.

It is quite exciting as it is coming together..but I am so mind numb and am looking forward to a couple of days away from it... 

But like most historians ( wanna be's like myself) I get easily distracted and the newspaper articles have had me totally absorbed..

I have read about some of the most interesting things and the most horrifying things..

The woman who died and left a fortune as a brothel owner.
The woman who married this guy then her brother who worked for her husband was killed 2 days later.

The children that lost their lives in horrible ways.. drownings, death by fire, lost in the bush never to be found again.

Murder, deaths by stabbing, shooting ( oh and it was accidental) DEATH BY IRONING.. yes you read it right.. and the funniest 2 were.. the man who died by being blown off the hay and the poor bloke who died as a result of his pet goat head butting him into the fire... AHHHHH right..

I am hoping to spend the rest of the day typing, cutting and pasting as next week I would like to get back into finding hints for you on great things I use, and I found a cool site I need to delve into I do think called. Australian Cemeteries..

Till then have fun and watch out for the goat and the iron...