Saturday, 13 June 2015

Sunday Relaxing by the beach...

Well what a week.. we got the website up and running for Lee & Leesa

I have updated all the records on the Collett family that are my Ancestors and they are ready to fill in the gaps.. that has been a huge effort of over 400 years of records but it has been such an exciting journey for me. 

I have learnt so much about South Australia and a part of my Heritage I didn't know existed..  
Malcolm Ross Collett 

I have new records, some amazing people and so many new additions to my family tree it is totally amazing.. 

So this week I am back on to building the database for the Maryborough District Family History Society.. so it will be heads down a** up again as my goal this week is to be able to hand it back as a usable item that the Society can use for its research and make life easier... 

While I am sitting here typing up and sorting extracts from newspapers I found a reference to an interesting story in 1879

Mrs. ------, who kept a house of ill-repute, has died recently, leaving £80,000 to relatives.  To quote – “The wages of sin must tot up pretty well nowadays”. I think I will have to go in and find the story to give us the name of the lady who died that rich.. 

Although there are some funny things you read, it is also so sad how many children were born then died quickly in the late 1800's. Mothers must have been such strong women to cope with the birth then death, then birth then death.. what a sad repeating circle...

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