Monday, 22 June 2015


Well what a mad couple of days... I am so grateful I have a pretty cool view from my office window because it feels like my butt is glued to the office chair.. and the fingerprints from tightly gripping the desk in frustration all melt away when I look out the window..

Today the clouds are rolling in but I am on a win.. What have I been up to.. well with the amazing amount of technology I have been working with a couple of amazing ladies on the Collett Family Tree and am finally seeing the end of the tunnel with the tree.

I have gotten the bulk of the info into Roots Magic and am now going through and fixing up dates then WHAM.. up goes the brick wall.

We have an Ernest Balfour "aka Budd" Collett and an Ernest Budd Collett.. are they the same, or are they different.. well after lots of toing and froing we discovered they are 2 different blokes then along came Brian J Collett..

Again same thing 2 blokes, 10 years the difference in age but then again human error creates lots of drama and they both were military men... who died where and whom did they belong to.

After a fitful nights sleep I finally put their dates into perspective and fingers crossed have sorted them out.. One Brian J Collett is definitely ours.. the other we just have to keep digging..

Then to top off the brick wall of the century.. my Great Grand father Hunter worked on a dairy and there is a photo of my Grandma sitting on a horse at the dairy and we don't know anything about this episode in their lives.. so it has been sitting there like a box of chocolates just waiting to be unwrapped.
Marlene ( one of the Societies Researchers) has been helping us with the Plantation Blog and she came across some info on Tilston Dairy  and I was so happy this morning when I found an advert for the sale of the property, then I was able to go through the old map photos I have and found the land that the dairy would have been on originally. 

Now for anybody that lives in Maryborough that would be approximately where Canning Park is in Granville.. which was apparently about 4 miles from the Granville Ferry.. 

This is a huge breakthrough and I am so happy to finally have opened the box of chocolates to find this gem of info... 

This is definitely what Family History is made of... all the hours of persistance pays off for just a little gem like this.. 

Well I am off now to start trying to write a book.. yeah I know stop laughing it will happen.. 

Till next time.. Keep Smiling. :)

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