Monday, 8 June 2015


Well how time flies when your having fun... I didn't realise it had been so long since I had written anything on here.. must have gotten lost somewhere between Game of Thrones episodes, dentist visits and data entry.. 

Today I am prepped and ready to go for a huge day of adventure and mayhem.. my son Lee and his mate Leesa are setting up a new business on the Sunshine Coast doing photography so I am going to set up a website and bits for them... Biggest dilemna - Blog versus Website.

So I am going to do this blog as a long one during the day so you can bear the pain and misery with me.. :) 

No it won't be that bad I promise.. actually I think a blog in Dynamic view might be pretty cool to try, I have been researching this morning and there are some pretty cool variations out there.. 

So stay tuned I will be back shortly need to go and do a couple of things. 

If your thinking of doing a blog yourself or use Google Blogger for a website I will list the steps I do here just for your reading... 

1. I went into Go Daddy to buy a domain name so they would have their own website address but we are going to use Blogger to put the info together. 
2. Then I went in and set up a Google account and that gave me the blogger to work with.
3. Then I started the blog, hooked it up with Pinterest and away we are going. 

We have to wait a little while till the domain is published but here is what i have done on the blog so far. 

Yes indeed they have a www. address.. that is so exciting isn't it... 
So now its time for a coffee and a break while we wait for the domain name to be set up.. 
Thinking though I might change how this blog displays on a roooooolllll this morning.. 


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