Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Wednesday Tantrums & Madness

Remember we were talking about my goals for the week and I said I am on a cleaning spree.. well I have not gathered one new piece of paper in 24 hours, no new photos or information to store.. 

I have even started files as everything needs a spot to work from or an address.. 

So because my office is used for work, study , play I have a set of manilla folders on the desk. 
The first one being for family history ( mine) and it is labelled simply TODO.. that way when the file gets too big I will have to empty it. 

I have set up a personal TODO folder too with the same sort of thing in in. Now some of this stuff has dates to go with it and I am shocking at remembering things. 

So I stapled a piece of a4 paper to the front, and have listed the things in the folder that have a date on them, with the closest date on the top.. that way I can check it daily and then cross it out if it needs doing on that date. 

VOLUNTEERS EXPO.. We are going to be at the volunteers expo being held at Maryborough on Thursday 14th May I am looking forward to it. it will be a great chance to meet some new people and attract new blood into society, not that the group we have is not amazing and so much fun but we are always discovering new projects and looking for more people to help us... So if your at the expo tomorrow drop in and say hi.... 

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