Tuesday, 5 May 2015

My face aches from laughing

The thing I realised today is what is important in a Family History Society and what makes research worthwhile. The group at the rooms today were an amazing group of ladies and we spent most of the day laughing and giggling over anything and everything. 

To share a coffee, and to share your life and its ups and downs, to be able to make a comment and get an overwhelming response is one of the most important things we should find when we come together for the same purpose. 

One of the things I most certainly enjoy the most would be the fact you can be sitting there trawling through books and records and all it takes is somebody to ask " What are you looking for " and the whole room galvanizes into action. Your mountain has just turned into a community anthill.... 

Family History research is definitely not limited to the old and weary, it is a mix of all ages, races, types that have the same purpose.. to get lost in history. 

Then to top off our brilliant morning we had a visitor to the rooms - Jodie is doing research into the fishing and its history in the Wide Bay area and poor Jodie was  mixed up in the laughter and jokes.. We did actually achieve some information that she was looking for and we told her some of the funny anecdotes on local families and some of  the juicy scandals that we knew.. 

A couple of us are distantly related by marriage so we I am sure looked like mischievous trouble when one of us related her family and how they were part of the pioneer history of the Wide Bay. But proud descendants we are and we will tell you our story anytime.. 

We are all volunteers and we love our job, we might not see each other every day of the week but we are like an extremely wierdly extended family. 

So when you decide to do your family history or want to join a group that has ancestry as an interest make sure you find one that is cool, fun, full of people with a sense of humour and a love of history and most importantly of all make you feel welcome.

What a day, what a day... when I first joined Maryborough District Family History Society  I was intimdated by the knowledge, and history that was floating around the rooms. 

Some of the members were like walking history books and I must admit I was a little concerned over ever asking for anything due to my lack of knowledge.. time has flown and 3 years later I would classify myself as one of those books of knowledge.. haha.. 

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