Sunday, 10 May 2015

Organised Chaos.. the motto of every family historian.

Ever start something then forget where your up to.. I have this habit I am sure I could now be called a hoarder. I gather pictures, pieces of paper, newspaper articles and then decide later on I will sort them. 

I read a post on facebook this morning that said to move ahead in life and achieve your goals you need to have tidiness.. 
* a clean desk, 
* organised to do lists
* a productively organised day
* an uncluttered mind.. 

So what do we do then.. we make a cup of coffee sit at the desk and think what a brilliant idea. But the mind wanders, you find a fascinating tale or a book you didn't realise you had and in my case.. it was time for my weekly session of GAME OF THRONES... 

Okay I know I am a lost cause but I have started the week off good, am cleaning up a little, getting things sorted and today added pages to my blog for each family ( well a few more anyways) 

To go directly to the pages we updated today go to the links below. 








I have put up the descendants pics and when we get the list finished I will start giving you info that I have and if anybody has anything to add to this then PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I would love to hear from you. .. 

so the goals for this week are to clean up the computers, sort and file all my paperwork and get organised so I can move ahead with the next step in all my research projects... 

You can all stop smirking and laughing now .. I will achieve this without hoarding anything new this week.. you just wait and see drop back tomorrow to see how I am going.. till then.. have fun. 

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