Sunday, 17 May 2015

Monday Moves

I started the morning with a plan in mind, I have a to do list and was going to write about the article I read last night on Facebook that caused instant panic - "DropBox deleted my files"

So instead of going into panic mode this morning I decided to do a little research and investigate who does what and why. 

Google Drive, Live ( One drive) and Drop Box... 

How could we live without these cloud servers.  They store all our brilliant memories, pictures and vital information. But do they need to be backed up or something vital done with them. I don't think so.. the biggest thing with any of these servers is that mysterious button 

Yes indeed the Delete button has a lot to answer for.. 
If you delete anything off any of the above servers either on your computer or on the server itself it will Sync with the devices you use and delete them off there too. 

None of either Google, One Drive or Drop box will delete your files without your permission. They will notify you if you have an overload of files or need to free up space etc. 

USER ERROR______ is this not the most common reason why this occurs and when you start doing a google search on the problem the answers is the user has moved, deleted or disconnected a network drive this causes the data to be deleted. 


If you ever lose data on the above then there are methods for recovery. Firstly check the recycle bin on your computer then log into the relevant drive and check the recycle bin in there. It will be somewhere and each server has a method for file recovery. Google search this too... 

I know I breathed easy when after doing some research found that my data is safe and there are a few precautions we must take to ensure nothing is ever lost. 

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