Thursday, 21 May 2015

Just shoot me nooooow!

I have started this blog 4 times over and its because I think my head is like that at the moment. As you may know I am a member of the Maryborough District Family History Society and I do alot of their computer work and am trying to build an index for them.. 

Well stupid ole me.. I went in on Wednesday to upgrade the computers to Office 365 and it was the most amusing yet frustrating morning as we got 3 of the 5 computers online and of course there had to be a glitch in one of them and it had to be the Secretary's computer.. and Margaret bless her heart was trying patiently to work on a new system glitches and all. 

So I have to back to the start with that one and do it again and see what the problem is but fingers crossed it won't be too major.

Then it was back to trying to do this database/index. We have a project called the Big M and it is supposed to be the place where you can go for finding info on your rellies in a user friendly manner and we have gathered so much info that we are builiding the index as we go.. My problem was the thing just keeps geting bigger and bigger and finding a way to make it all work is the biggest challenge of all..

You know when you know what you want to achieve but trying to put it into reality just don't happen. So I had mentioned using Microsoft Access to build a database and it was way out of my league to do but finding somebody to do this is even harder. Wayne ( my partner) of course has the ultimate faith in my abilities and he decided I needed to do some sort of course to do it myself. 

 There are so many courses online none of them designed for what I want ( the easy way out I know) but how to do them from scratch there is even a whole pile of videos on line. 

So I in my old age decided I could do this and set about watching part 1 of 12 vids. on how to. 

We all know how DIY usually ends up, I lost about 16 hours and deleted my work so many times as it just didn't happen then FINALLY.... I got it... 
So I went to bed with databases, tables and queries going round and round in my head and woke up this morning to work out the whole set out for the index. 

The bonus being that I have saved the Society a mountain of money, I have aged 10 years overnight but the baby will grow to full adulthood and be bloody brilliant. 

Then I was asked by a distant relative to help her with a Facebook group that is designed for the Collett descendants and I have been trying to work out how to put that together so everybody can read the info and utilise it.. well frustation reared its ugly head and it took me a while but I think I have it under way too.. So today as I am sitting writing this I really need to have 2 computers running and 2 sets of hands to bring all the projects forward.. 

Is this going to happen....NO... so I will just keep plodding along.. We love to see things happen and sometimes we need to step back before jumping in to do things unless we are prepared for total madness and hair pulling.. Me I love getting in over my head and learning something new.. :)

So till next time.. enjoy life... take every challenge that comes your way.... life would be boring otherwise. 

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