Thursday, 7 May 2015

Its Friday again..

Yes indeed its Friday and only 2 p.m. as I sat down with a cuppa to write todays blog. The best part is I have the coolest view from my office windows looking out over the cane fields.. well okay their caneless at the moment but they are still empty paddocks and a great way to work.. 

I got an interesting email this morning from Microsoft.. do you use the Microsoft Office, like most of us but it can be expensive when you want to update to the newest version and yep there is a new release apparently about to come out. 

But I was stoked as we use Office 365 at home and there are a couple of bonuses to this. 
1. My subscription allows me to have 5 devices using the programs. 
2. If one device dies then I delete it and add another device. 
3. This gives me full access to the whole suite of programs. 
4. The updates are regular. .. 

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL.. We get the new version when its released as part of our subscription.. awesome I am excited. 

Your probably sitting there thinking yeah right and thats a huge cost that I can't afford, and you probably won't believe me when I tell you its worth about $12.00 per month. Yes its true - what a great investment for peace of mind, and having a teenager studying it ensures we can do anything across the different devices and it will still be the same format. 

You pay the money, download the programs and away you go.. the link below explains it all and if your on your own you can have a smaller package.. 


So on the technical side this afternoon I am going to work on my Excel dashboard some more and then try and open some more floppy disks to see what amazing things I can discover. .. I was reading a page the other day from the courts and a chap was fined for "aggressive driving" the old term for Road Rage.. 

The difference between the old days and now is the way the written word was done, I get so lost in the flourish of the writing and you can slip back into time so easily when they are describing something, not it is  so sterile and lacks oomph. 

Then after an hour or so of floppy disks I am going to try a new project, we recently found a whole pile of negative films in the Society Rooms and I have found a way ( thanks to Professor Google) to read and digitise the films so I am going to attempt it on some old negatives I found and see what happens... 

If your interested in trying this yourself this is the webpage I found that I am going to work from. Photo Scanning 

So check back in to see how it all goes and I will hopefully have success and be able to put some shots up for you.. 

Till we come out on the other side.. Seeya

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