Monday, 18 May 2015

Off in the land of paper...


Yes I know self praise is not really a true value of ones achievements but I am a champion because I have not hoarded one piece of paper for my personal family tree in just over 4 days and today I cleaned up my desk. 

Yes thats right I sorted and filed the trays, sorted the piles and now I sit here and look thinking what am I to do now . 

But I will admit I have piled my personal stuff into piles to resort as there is so many bits and I have to work out what to do with them. 

Then along comes a distraction like a facebook group I have been added to and I think to myself - where is that last will and testiment of the unknown Henry Collett. 

I accidentally purchased it and yet I don't know who it belongs to maybe I will post the details into the group and see if we can link him up somewhere.. 

I set my self a goal of 30 mins per task per day and the list is endless I have to do for example each day I try and complete the following.

1. Update and write in my blog 
2. Research and update another property in Plantations, Stations and Farms. 
    If you would like to read this one its at Plantations, Stations & Farms.
3. Do more family history for me
4. Sort out at least 10 Floppy disks
5. Type up old school records for the Big M database
6. Work on setting up the excel dashboard for the Big M 
7. Decipher old records and file them. 

The biggest problem with trying to do so many things in one day is all it takes is something you haven't seen before and your off in gaga land. 

Then today I have been receiving some input from an amazing researcher - Marlene, she has been gathering info for us on Plantations and if I can not find a name, family or plantation then she has been digging around and she sent me so much stuff in the last couple of days I now have to sort it. 

One of the best things she has sent me is the 1880's electoral roles out of the newspapers. they have some valuable information for the plantations blog in them but also we can check against our Rates notices to ensure we have these names already in there too.. and of course lost in information again. 

So now you know why I am such a dead head and always drifting from place to place but it is amazing how much you can get done in 30 mins. and the information builds and builds from there. 

Well till next time I had better go and sort some personal family history and then I have the floppy disks to try and open so HAPPY RESEARCHING... 

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