Thursday, 7 May 2015

Databases, Dashboards and Dazzled Blind...

Yes I know you saw the headline and thought OMG what what has she done today.. or what has she been doing that she would have a headline like that.. well its a little tale to tell. 

The Marborough District Historical Society is gettin with the times and we are digitising and indexing all of our records.. I know pretty amazing hey, and so when we started the project it didnt' sound that big... 

But with time and finding more and more records of all shapes and sizes which we have been so busy adding it has been my job to put it into a format that we can use. 

Now I have torn my hair out over this, bemoaned into many a cup of tea and already once during the pregnancy of this baby gutted it and redid it as it was in no way user friendly. 

So in the dark of night I decided if I could build a database then we would have a really user friendly ( I swear it would be really), and it would cope with growing at a huge rate... But Database you say Database.. what on earth is that and how is anybody going to use it.. well it didn't happen after many a video on youtube and how to pages this morning I decided that I just couldn't do it. 

Why .. because its way above my volunteer pay grade and I don't have the skills.. YES I am admitting defeat on the database... 

So back to the drawing board and WHAM... along came the Excel Dashboard. Now if you haven't seen a dashboard you need to do a google search and type in Excel Dashboards in images and up it comes.. 

They look something like this ...okay I was going to show you a picture but its just not going to happen something to do with my eyes going dazzled by sitting in front of the computer screen for way too long. 

So anyways if you go and have a look at Google Images they are awesome and I am not on a compulsive run to get them all together and we will have a main index page that will look like a webpage with all these super cool buttons to press and it will take you to new spreadsheets .. 

For the Society this is the next step to becoming the premier research centre in the Wide Bay and we will eventually have the largest repository of digitised records locally... Woohoo.. 

It has been a huge day today and another one tomorrow to finish some of the new MDFHS Dashboard.. ( yes it is defintely a V8 under the dash) finished so 
have a great night, and sleep tight I know I definitely will and I will catch you on the flip side. 

PS If you have a huge amount of files and would like to create a dashboard let me know and I can give you a hand... :)

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