Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Begat... Befuddled....Begone...Bepaged...

I am sitting here trying to get some work done on one of my projects to see if I can complete something as I tend to allocated 1/2 hour to each project daily and although I am looking very busy its just not getting anything completed. 

So I decided to spend the whole day on one thing only and today its the Collett Family tree.. 

And I am trying to put mountains of info into some sort of order that will make sense to the reader and I kept coming across the term "Base Born"... so then decided to do the norm.. 

GOOGLE SEARCH... well wish I hadn't, I found the following description 

 Most vicars and curates recorded illegitimate baptisms in the registers by adding such words as "base born", "born in fornication", "natural daughter/son", "bastard child" or, should the parents subsequently marry, "begat of fornication outside of wedlock". These clerks would often show their disgust in the way they completed the register, ignoring the columns and just scrawling across the page. Some were more subtle and just recorded the mother's occupation as "spinster". 

That is so disgusting that a man of the cloth could decide they have the right to write that in an official document. 

If you want to read more on this go to : Burbage terms

COLLETT family tree... well we are finally coming together but I think an Index is now in order as there are so many in the tree starting at the 1600s to today so its getting so big but very interesting.. so sad though as to how many ancestors had large amounts of children but the poor women lost so many children in childbirth or shortly after.. it is such a sad reminder of how hard times were... 

Sweet thoughts till next time 

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