Thursday, 30 April 2015

Where we are at today....

I have spent the morning catching up on my current online course through Future Learn - "100 stories the Anzac Project" and have spent the morning reading about nurses in the Great War. 

It was fascinating reading and when you think about it we focus on the soldiers that served yet without the huge effort by nurses and Australian women in general the war would have had grave problems. 

It was interesting to note that the Australian Government at the time did not want women to enlist at all and if you were an Australian Doctor yet female you were rejected and they hesitantly let women enlist as nurses. 

Where does that differ when both sectors of the medical field were in the same place and why discriminate.. Mind boggling. 

The women who did go overseas as nurses saw and had to survive through some of the most horrific circumstances, do things they would never had to do in an Australian hospital and many survived with war wounds to come home both physically and mentally damaged. 

The suicides, Post traumatic stress disorder cases, the women who were admitted into Asylums was heartbreaking to read. Many like our soldiers never adapted to civilian life and those that did went on to become Matrons etc in Hospitals and utilised the skills they learnt in Europe to better manage our hospitals. 

The 20's and 30's saw the rise of the womens movements in Australia as the women came home and could see themselves differently to when they went and we must acknowledge them for where we are now as women of Australia owe so much to all the women of Australia during the Great War.

If you find this interesting there are so many things we are looking into at the moment any you could still join the course if your interested. Below is the link to the course. 

This will take you to this particular course and its details.. 

Can we ever learn enough.. I know as a family researcher and having a fascination with local history I am always learning something new and sometimes to better understand the new information I have to go back further to see why and how the past influenced the future. 

So the point I suppose is we can never learn enough and an inkling of an idea can build a whole new world of knowledge for us and give us a better perspective of the period of time we are looking at. One of my fellow researchers and I have been looking into Russian families who lived in the Wide Bay area.. and have decided to collate what we have found and then spent time looking back into Russia to discover why they came to Australia and particularly the Wide Bay.. what a can of worms we have opened.. but the journey continues. 

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