Saturday, 11 April 2015


After attending a session with Shauna Hicks today I decided to set up a blog to document my journey both past and for the future in my discovery of my family history and the storiesof their settlement in Australia.

I have been doing my family tree for 3 years now and when I started in 2012 I never knew I would never discover whole families that live locally and the most fascinating stories have emerged and are still evolving.

The blog will also highlight some of the volunteer stuff I do with  Maryborough District Family History Society which I am am member of. I have the most amazing job with the Society as I am currently indexing old records and find the most amazing stories and also discover lost family or juicy titbits along the way.

I will also be adding stories and links to my ancestors which I hope will assist you or that you will just enjoy reading...

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