Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Setting up Family Pages

So the time is flying by but sitting at the computer on this wet miserable day I decided it was time to link all my family names so I can start adding stories, and names to them. So I started with the Schwarzrocks.

Why you ask - because it was Johann Schwarzrocks medals I wore to the Anzac ceremony and as Anzac Day has just past I thought it was a brilliant chance to publish some info about his family. I had the great opportunity a little while ago to have the assistance of an amazing man - Alastair who assisted me in researching his military history and he published an article in the Poona Post. 

So I have added that to the page to... 

For the stories on the Schwarzrocks go to SCHWARZROCK

For a list of all my family names you can find it at the tab at the top of the page or go directly to 

I have done a couple today before getting side tracked.. we have the following set up 

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