Sunday, 12 April 2015


After spending the afternoon trawling through old newspapers and articles I realised how amazing it is when you grow up in a town like Maryborough and your Ancestors settled here originally. You will be reading about something and the place will almost always pop to mind or if you don't know it then your off to find it. 

We have done this on many occasions and ended up in the middle of cane farms, on quiet riverbanks, in somebodies front yard.. but it is exciting and strengthens the connection to the person your writing about. 

When I first started the question was how far, wide and in depth do you go well me being me decided to go wherever the journey took me. This is probably my biggest downfall and delay as I find a tiny woven thread and then I am after hours and hours trying to rewind the ball of twine to see where I started or where I ended up.

History is such an oral thing in many ways and if we don't take advantage of the living relatives while they are alive then we miss so many of the parts of their lives that make up a whole.. till next time. 

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