Monday, 20 April 2015

Ireland Up and Down

The last 5 weeks I have been doing an online course with Future Learn on Ireland War and Revolution 1912-1923. It has been an absolutely fascinating course that I have learned so much from about the history of Ireland in the period. But to get a better idea I have delved back further and in doing this have discovered family roots, information and a sense of why a man with 8 children who was listed as a farmer would pack up and leave his country, emigrate to an unknown  land and end up successfully raising his children. Walter Stuart King did just this...

Interestingly enough I have discovered his Ancestors, the military side of the family and the family was from the South of Ireland in the county of Kerry. Which leads to the interesting part of my closer history in that there were stories of my Great Grandmother not being happy with my Grandmothers marriage - it being below her status in life..

Was this true or was it the fact that my Great Grandmother's own marriage she was reflecting on.. as her family were of military and religious descent and Southern Irish.. but her husbands family were Northern Irish.. James Hunter being called a rabid Orangeman. .. North v South, Protestant v Catholic..

We will have to draw our own conclusions as to which marriage she was talking about won't we.. till next time.

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