Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Anzac Celebrations

Ever had one of those days you dread getting out of bed.. lots of things to do, no motivation, world is spinning out of control and you just want to get off..

I had that type of morning so once settled at my desk I decided to find my to do list which involved finishing my course at Future Learn - Ireland War & Revolution 1912-1923. 

So I have now finished it and what an amazing journey it has been, I have learnt so much on the early history of Ireland, and delved into the aspects of how the War ( WWI & the Civil War) and the Revolution caused huge changes to the country. 

The political, military, civilian and economic aspects were mind blowing and then along the way I made some amazing discoveries on my own family. The benefits of doing these short online courses is never ending. 

1. It gives you insight into the country where your ancestor came from,
2. It gives you a better picture of the country at the time and why your Ancestors may have left. 
3. You appreciate the history alot more and tend to delve back or forth dependant on when your Ancestors were in residence. 
4. It assists you in gaining more resources to search for links to your past.

So this was a little sad to finish as I was thoroughly enjoying the course but now will be concentrating on Anzacs 100 stories being done through Future Learn too. 

Then to make my day I got a call from the Maryborough State High School where Cheyenne goes and she and a friend Sandra were put forward to go on the troop train re-actment on Friday 24th April 2015 from Maryborough to Cooroy. 

As the school is having a massive Anzac Day celebration they are unable to let a teacher go with them so I am going instead.. this is going to be so cool.. I will be able to take lots of pics and post them here for you to see. I am excited because for the girls it is a journey they will never forget and an experience they will be able to tell their kids.. We often talk about stories to tell and the need to document them before it is too late. 

Then on Anzac Day we have a huge day ahead we are off to Poona to attend the Dawn Service which this year they are holding it at the time it would be dawn in Gallipoli, Cheyenne is laying a wreath for the Maryborough State High School, and I am laying one for my Great Grandfathers brother - Johann Schwarzrock. 

Johann was a member of the 26th Battalion ( 18th Reinforcements) , he enlisted on the 13th November 1916 at the age of 29 and was killed in action on the 4th October 1917.

A letter from another serving member remembers seeing Johann just before a shell destroyed the field hospital on San Sous Ridge, Belguim, and I am guessing they were never able to identify his body. 

His name is on the wall at the Somme.

It will be a sad day on Saturday but we will remember.. 

On this I will sign off.. got to go and recharge my camera ready for Fridays journey... till next time

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